How to choose a screen printing printer?

2019-07-01 14:14:56

How to choose a screen printing printer?

As we all know, screen printing printer is very simple, easy to use, the structure of the screen printing printer is very simple; but how to choose a suitalbe screen printing printer is not that easy; Now, let me give you some adive on how to choose a screen printing printer;

First of all, you need to know something about the products you are going to pint:

1. What is the material of the procut? For example, you want to print a phone case, the case is made by ABS,so the material is ABS, then you need to get the ABS ink for screen printing; For silicone wristbands printing, the wristbands is made by silicone, so you need to get silicone ink;

2. What is the shape of the product? Normally, we have three kind of shape: Flat surface, curved surface, irregular surface; For example, paper is flat surface, bottle is curved surface, toys is irregular surface;

3. What is the size of the product?

4. What is the printing size of the product?

When you get these 4 things ready, you can choose a good screen printing printer now;

Flat surface products choose a flat surface printer according the printing size;

Curved surface products choose a curved furface printer addording the diameter;