• We are in YOUTUBE

    We are in YOUTUBEhttps://www.youtube.com/channel/UCo7SChcTChr5Ha9Vy9so47A


  • Website updating!

    Website updating!We are updating our website;Sorry for the troubleNeed a machine details, pls sent mail to:info@swprinter.comThanks.


  • Screen printing can work on what kind of product?

    Screen printing can work on what kind of product?    Silk screen printing can work on any kind of product, any kind of material (except air and liquid ), that is why we call silk screen prin


  • How a screen printing film looks like?

    How a film looks like?When you are going to make a screen frame, you need to design the logo on the PC at first, then make a film to explore to the screen frame.So what is the film, how does it looks


  • what is the advantages of screen printing?

    what is the advantages of screen printing?    Screen printing is well know as printing on T-shirt, but it can work on many another material, such as glass, wooden, plastic and paper. We call


  • Easy way to understand what is screen printing;

    Easy way yo understand what is screen printing;When you are going to make a screen printing style product, like print T-shirts, print a silicone wristband;You need understand what is screen printing.S


  • How to print on silicone wristbands? wristbands jigs making

    How to print on silicone wristbands?    As the pricture shows: it is 1 inch silicone wristband holder jigs, 1 for adlut size, 1 for kids size; You need this holders for screen printing, this


  • Silk screen printer maintenance

    Maintenance for a silk screen printer Machine Maintenance;The maintenance and service of a silk screen printer involves management on many aspects. Here only indicates the basic require


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