Screen printing ink mixing attention

2019-08-21 09:22:57

screen printing ink mixing attention

When you are going to mix screen printing ink color, you should pay attention to three points:

A. Mixing the screen printing ink should be as less as possible when needs to add different color of ink, if you want to approve the effect of the mixing color, you should reduce the sorts of screen printing ink.

B. The principle is from simple to hard, no matter what color you are going to mix, you should remember, when the color is close the color you want to mix, be careful. And do not use the different ink from different factory, you will waste it.

C. Some of the ink should be dried by a dryer. Light color will be more light after drying, deep color will be more deep after heating.

D. Actually, the color will not be changed, if the ink is dried by nature and print on plastic, metal, paper and glass; But if print on ceramics, you should try it and remember it. And if you want to mix lots of ink, you need a color mixing machine, it is quicker.