Screen printing can work on what kind of product?

2020-08-30 21:49:50

Screen printing can work on what kind of product?

    Silk screen printing can work on any kind of product, any kind of material (except air and liquid ), that is why we call silk screen printing is a kind of all-purpose printing. If you want to find a idol printing and let your printing idea come ture, that is must be silk screen printing.

1. Paper priting. Such as Art printing, advertisement, pictorial, calendar; Logo printing, heat transfer printing, packaging printing and building materials printing.

2. Plastic printing, plastic film prinitng, vinyl printing, plastic bag, plastic scale, instrument parts.

3. Glass and ceramics printing, glass mirror printing, glass plate printing, cups, bottles and so on.

4. Name plate prinitng, control panel printing, dial printing and so on.

5. Metal printing;

6. PCB printing;

7. Cloth printing;

8. Leather printing.