Things you should know about Milk tea cup printing machine

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Things you should know about Milk tea cup printing machine

 Know something about Milk tea cup printing machine, Seeing the rise of milk tea industry, many young entrepreneurs saw business opportunities, and more and more friends noticed the high cost of joining the brand, so many friends will create their own, with their own characteristic milk tea name; milk tea customization also rises; generally flexible printing machine, machine cost is too high, customized number is high start, will be many customers requiring small batches of customized milk tea out;

 Therefore, we specially developed a small milk tea cup printer, affordable, simple operation, strong practicality, low cost, to bring great convenience to milk cup customization; YICAI300A small milk cup is very suitable for milk cup customized printing, low cost cheap, simple operation, do not need much professional knowledge;

 There are 3 main points of Milk tea cup printing machine.

 The first is that this milk tea cup printer, belongs to the type of screen printer, need to use all kinds of silk printing consumables. First, we should have a good logo network version, ink and other consumables, these are silk printing necessities; second, the equipment adopts pneumatic drive, need air compressor to drive the machine operation, no air compressor machine is not move.

 The second is the clamp making of the milk cup. Because the milk cup is generally PP injection cup, the cup is soft, so a fixture to fix the cup; this clamp needs to be made according to the cup, a fixture can only be used for one cup, different capacity cups need to use a different cup. Also you will ask, take I have 10 different cups, do you want to make 10 different clips? Yes, there is no way of this, to print, but there is also good news, we have summarized how to make affordable clips, the cost is almost negligible.

 The third is the ink choice of the milk cups. Milk cups are generally made of plastic, but the plastic is divided into a lot of materials, ABS,PC,PE and so on, choose the wrong ink, although it can be printed up, but it is easier to fall, easy to paddle, and considering the cost, ink is best to dry ink, if you have to dry it is not cost-effective. Yicai Machinery specially found a professional ink factory, equipped with a suitable milk cup printer to use the ink, easy printing, free drying, and cheap and affordable.

 The above are a few points of the use of Milk tea cup printing machine. If you have any questions to consult, please contact us, thank you very much.

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