Plywood wooden board printing machine screen printer

2020-07-20 15:35:39 swprinter

Plywood wooden board printing machine screen printer

YICAI-120270MM large size screen printing machine for plywood

1.Motor-driven Printing head runs more steady and high-precision.

2.Printing head runs on the TAIWAN double linear guide rail, steadily move.

3.Original Japan and Taiwan pneumatic component.

4.Printing head up and down is driven by reduction gear motor;

5.Distyle lifting structure, High accuracy, Moves steadily.

6.Constant pressure device of the Squeegee blade, made sure the pressure in the printing is steady.

7.High-precision printing platform with self-locking device and fine turning device.

8.Screen frame can be adjusted to front, back, left, right and level.

9.Three models: manual, semiautomatic, automatic

10.Printing plate is equipped with safety protection device.



Table Size:1200*2700(mm)

Max Frame Size:1300*2900(mm)


Net weight:800(kg)

Print color:single

Print type:Plane

Applications:Flat materials

Stock thickness:70(mm)

Alignment accuracy:0.05(mm)

Print Speed:500-700(pcs/hr)

Air Pressure Requirement:6 Bar