Can you print on silicone wristbands?

2019-10-10 15:01:07

Can you print on silicone wristbands?   

    As we all known, silicone wristbands is a very special kind of products, not any ink can print on silicone wristbands. The printing method for silicone wristband is very special, you show learn something about silicone product at first

    For silicone product, it is very useful, it can live for a long time, without any heart to our body; and it is very nice, but we all want a nice silicone wristband and not any ink can print on it.

You need a kind of silicone ink, and after printing, you should dry it in a oven. The ink will not dry in air, it must be dried in a high degree, if you want it more beautiful, you should dry it twice.

    So, if you use the right ink; you can print on any silicone products, even by your hand.

    If you have any question, just sent us a mail, we will do our best to help. Thanks.

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